Bodeneffektfahrzeug Skarver WIG

Limited Time is the most important factor in case of emergeny in or on water. Fast and versatile applicable vehicles are a condition precedent to perform water rescue operations efficiently. Wing-In-Ground effect vehicles are capable of operating at speed higher than conventional rescue boats. Save time - save life.
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Bodeneffektfahrzeug Skarver WIG
SKARVER "Rescue" WIG (2007 concept)

   loop-shaped propeller wings creates a high torque at low rotation speeds.

The "Skarver" (Wing In Ground effect vehicle) runs in water and can be lifted off completely from the water at speed of approximately 80 km/h. It glides very fast over the surface at maximum speed of 120 km/h while fuel consumption is significantly lower compared to conventional highspeed-boats.

Technical specs:

Length: 4.20 m
Width: 4.80 m
Basic weight: 290 kg
Engine: ROTAX 914 UL

  ROTAX 914 UL, Power: 85 kW
Special feature: Loopwing-Propeller type

Skarver ground effect vehicle

1:10 scale model was shown at the HANNOVER MESSE 2008 (iF International Forum Design) - exhibition for business and industry.

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